All I've Wanted, All I've Needed

Harlow Shaw feels naïve for believing in happily ever afters. She believes in a love that you can feel in the core of your being that lights you up.
When she first started dating her boyfriend, Hendrix Moore, it was everything she thought she wanted.
Harlow and Hendrix have known each other their entire lives.
Literally, their entire lives.
Their parents are best friends. They were born only 24 hours apart and raised two blocks away from each other.
It can start to feel like things are destined to be. Or is this all an expectation they are trying to fulfill?


Amanda Valdez loves to write stories about the characters that reside in her head. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their two sons, and a black cat named Loon Toon. Most days you can find Amanda sipping an iced latte, sitting in the sun, and reading a good book.

Amanda Valdez discovered her passion for writing when she was given a journal by her 5th grade teacher and has been creating poetry, works of fiction, and gaming narratives ever since. As a child, she wanted to read more stories with people that looked like her. 
In 2019, she started visual storytelling using a game called “The Sims”.

Her story centered around black love and romance. After two years of keeping her followers captivated and on the edges of their seats with the characters she had created, she decided it was time to put her creative efforts into a book. 

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Richa Douglas

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